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Here’s what I learned about myself when I was growing up:

My mother – “Your face has character;” “How are you doing with your weight?;” “Is that how you wanted your hair cut?”

My dance teacher – “Your legs are too short”

My boyfriend – “If you gain weight, I’ll break up with you”

My junior high school journalism teacher – “Be careful, don’t hit your head on the ceiling” (after I had been published in the literary magazine in 9th grade)

My high school counselor – “Dance is so competitive, you might want to think about another career”

Here’s what I do about it now:

I dance every day;

I write and publish myself, myself – ¬†and people read it, and tell me they like it; and even if no one tells me , I do it anyway, because I have to –

And Mom? I wish you were here so we could argue about my weight now…and you would be pleased to know that I don’t just have character, I am one – congratulations.

The prince from so long ago who said he would break up with me if I gained weight?

I dumped him on his ass;

thirty years later, it’s still the wisest thing I’ve ever done…

I’m here now, to say – none of you broke me;

I may be cracked, but I’m still going strong;


The dancer stands silent

in the shadows of the velvet curtain.

Flex relax flex relax –

She is out of her mind

and into her body;

There is nothing now, but the wait…

and then the music, and then,

the strains of the symphony form a sailing ship

to carry her over

the sea of hands,

the waves of applause.