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In trying so hard

to make you see me, only

walking away worked.

She could always tell when an ending was near –

A faraway train; she would lie on the tracks,


to the rumble

feeling the low vibration


for it to appear

over the hill

and she would wait until the very last minute, and

push herself up

and run, and run

until it was upon her

and then she would dive into the cool grass

and wait

listening to the world breaking apart

and wait

for the quiet

and get up

and begin again.

Across the bridge,

I bring flowers, and sit on the ground with them

They talk to me without speaking – no judgment, nothing wanting.

I listen, and hear the past, and remember how it was when they were here, and how they helped me just by being here;

I would watch TV with them, and they would argue over who was in what show: “Was that Eddie Albert or Van Johnson?”

They would ask me,”No big plans?”


It was enough.

I sat like that then, and I sit like this now – no big plans, and it is enough.

Good visit, M and D.

The dancer stands silent

in the shadows of the velvet curtain.

Flex relax flex relax –

She is out of her mind

and into her body;

There is nothing now, but the wait…

and then the music, and then,

the strains of the symphony form a sailing ship

to carry her over

the sea of hands,

the waves of applause.


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